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#124-4035 Gellatly Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 1R7

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Welcome to BC Flag and Pole. Retail provider for the "Titan" easy to set-up telescoping flagpole. Ideal for residential, cottages, businesses or ranches.

The "Titan" telescoping flag pole adds to the beauty of your property. The "Titan" telescoping flag poles have no halyard, no chains and no pulleys which not only make the flag pole noise free but tangle free as well.

The "Titan" telescoping flag pole is the latest in flag pole technology, making it easier for homeowners or businesses to display their pride. All our flag poles come with easy step by step installation instructions anyone can follow. Have a look at this online instructional video to get a sense of just how easy this set up is. You will never go back to a conventional flag pole again

Welcome to BC Flag and Pole