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West Kelowna, BC V4T 1R7

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What better way to display your pride than on your landscaped yard, RV, dock or business? We carry Canadian and provincial flags and can order flags from almost any country.

Our most popular and versatile outdoor flag, NyLite nylon flags are made with SolarMax nylon and offer the optimal combination of elegance and durability. These are made of Government-specified fabric. SolarMax is a registered trademark of INVISTA for UV resistant fibres and fabrics.

Our DuraPoly knit polyester is a durable and economical fabric. Both NyLite and DuraPoly flags are made in Canada.

3’x6’ Canada Flag (DuraPoly) 

3’x70" Canada Flag (Nylon)
3’x6’ Provincial Flags (DuraPoly)  
3’x5’ US Flag  (Nylon)                      
3’x5’ Germany Flag (Nylon)     
3’x5’ Australia Flag (Nylon)   
3’x5’ Skull & Cross Bones (Nylon)  
3’x5’ Happy Face (Nylon)  

Shipping charges will apply. Shipments outside of Canada will require additional charges.